Home Refinance

Refinancing your Property

When refinancing your mortgage, there’s a lot to think about. That’s where I come in. I can assist you in the right direction, getting you a perfect mortgage fit, for your desired needs. There are many options and reasons to refinance. Here are some reasons you may want to refinance your current mortgage:

Debt Consolidation – Pay off high interest debt ie. credit cards and unsecured lines of credit with a mortgage at a much lover rate not only saves you thousands but will reduce the amount of debt you will pay on a monthly basis. It’s always a good day when you’re putting money into your pocket, as opposed to paying out.

Investing – Whether you’re refinancing to invest in stocks, bonds or using your equity in your current home to buy another home for property rental purposes – this is always a smart way to finance what you need to grow your net worth.

Switching from a higher rate to a current lower rate – If you could put more money into your pocket, would you say yes? Switching rates pays you a little more each month, and a little less to the banks.

Let’s say you have a 5 year fixed rate mortgage that you took out in 2006 for a rate of 5.7% and current rates are in the low 4% range (with some variable rates at even 2.10%!). There may be an opportunity to take advantage of refinancing your mortgage, and get a current lower rate. Breaking your mortgage, comes with a cost – but most times, it makes sense to pay the penalty. This doesn’t have to be out of pocket up front! You can roll that sum into the refinance of your mortgage, and you’ll quickly recapture the cost in your new, lower rate mortgage. Let me give you an estimate on your penalty today, I will give you the best advice on if it’s worth breaking your current mortgage.

Renovations – Tired of not having enough room in your Kitchen, or your bathroom not looking the way you want? Do you need a new roof? Or want to finish your basement, to gain more equity for when you sell your home? Refinancing your home, could be the perfect solution for you. There are many options, when refinancing your property – Allow me to guide you through this process. I will always give you the best advice, knowledge and never holding you to any obligation.

Switching to a lower rate pays you a little more each month, and a little less to the banks.