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No pressure. No ulterior motives.

Home Purchase

This is probably the largest purchase you're ever going to make. Why wouldn't you get an expert? I will give you the best advice and service while saving you money.

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Mortgage Renewal

Don't sign that renewal the bank offers you! This is the perfect time to have lenders fight for your business. I will get you the lowest rate possible.

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Home Refinance

Refinancing your existing mortgage is a great way to access the equity in your home. You may want to pay off high loans and credit, or do home improvements.

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I’ll make it easy for you.

I understand the hassle of going from bank to bank trying to negotiate your mortgage. Negotiating is my specialty, and I’ll get you the best mortgage solution, terms and conditions. I can make the lenders fight for your business… The way it should be!

I work for you, and only you.

Though I get paid by the lender, I work for you. I have no personal affiliation with one lender or another, and do not get paid by the rate you receive. I’m looking out for you, and your future. 100%. No matter what.

No one does customer service better.

Working in the customer service industry for over 25 years, I understand the one thing a business can’t survive without – and that’s you. I’ll give you the facts, explain the process and if the rates drop before your closing – you bet I’m going to get it for you.

Get to know Heather

I want to be your future mortgage broker!

Heather is a Mortgage Broker with Real Mortgage Associates and really enjoy helping people finance a new home or refinance an existing home. As a professional mortgage broker, Heather has the drive and ability to meet your financial needs. She believes that strong customer service and communication are key factors in providing the best mortgage product for each specific client.

Heather is passionate about helping clients and prides herself on her ability to explain the mortgage process to all clients in basic, easy to understand terms.

As a Mortgage Broker I work for you not the lender and I have the ability to get you the mortgage that is best for you from the mortgage lender that provides you with the right features and benefits for your particular situation. I deal with over 35 mortgage lenders which allow me to do the negotiating for you and get you the best rate on your financing.

If you are buying your first home, renewing your mortgage, doing some home renovations or consolidating your debt, looking for a second mortgage, a home equity line of credit, or purchasing an investment property or second home, I would be happy to help.

Heather has access to the BEST RATES AVAILABLE and is committed to providing the best mortgage option. Heather will give you her unbiased advice because she works for YOU not the lender!


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or call me today at (905) 965-5557 to discuss your mortgage needs. Together, we’ll come up with attractive solutions, and get you the home you desire – leaving more money in your pocket.

Customer Oriented Services

At Real Mortgage Associates, we put our customers first and strive to serve them better.

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We will provide all the necessary advice and guidance that you might require for your mortgage application, interest rate negotiation, or any other related procedure.

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Real Mortgage Associates is quick to detect rate changes and keeps its customers well informed and updated at all times.

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We offer a wide array of products, tools, and services that are designed specifically keeping the mortgage industry in mind.